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Heatmap Analytics is a new and easy way to understand
the actions of web and mobile site visitors. Improve the user experience to increase your opportunities.

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Some reason to make us Different

Our goal is to develop a reliable and easy to use tool at the most competitive price
We work constantly so our application is always free * over time

Easy to use

Our interface is so simple to use, that in a few minutes you will have configured and you will be analyzing your website.


All-in-one Heatmap Analytics & Feedback with one script and one account. The analytics you need on a single platform.

Improve your ROI

Know at all times what your visitors to your website think. Look for their reactions and power the design of your web page. Organize your website and sell more.

Simple Code

Access our tool in a simple way through a simple script on your web page. Analyze the heatmap is very easy, you do not need to know programming. Easy Installation.

Data Security

Your site and visitor data is safe with Hottrack. We ensure you are the only person who can access your site data and that your visitors privacy is respected.

Multiple domains

You will be able to have control of all the domains that you want in a single account. Check the types of accounts available on Hottrack for domain limits per account.

All-in-one Heatmap Analytics & Feedback

Hottrack is a new easy to use online tool for analyzing your website and mobile site visitors
Find a really simple way to boost your website and increase your conversion

What do they say about Hottrack ;)

What people think about our product

I was surprised by the simplicity of the application and ease with which we can control the visits to the page of our recording studio.


Wesley Clark

CEO Sound Phoenix

We love the product. We have managed to increase our sales by knowing neuromarketing data.


Harry Oliver

CMO Stores4Love

An incredible tool for my projects. Now we can see the behavior of the users and adapt the web to the needs of the client. I love.


Linn Linia

UI/UX Developer

You will be able to get all the tools you need in one application with excellent price. For us it is indispensable to us today. We sell more and better month by month. We recommend it for any business.


Frank Micheal

CEO Luxury Cars

Hottrack is just amazing! Having so many research tools in one package simplifies my daily work.


Diego Santos

Senior Conversion Optimizer

Undoubtedly the best tools to analyze my website. I started with the free account and now I have more than 20 domains with Hottrack.


Edward Woodson


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